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Ninja Athletic Warrior


This program is built to provide kids with an exciting, jam-packed alternative activity that is out of the norm and just what they need! A WOW-factor that will keep them coming back for more!


Our program challenges ninjas to go beyond their own expectations, getting stronger, more flexible, and more agile using our fun style of obstacle course training. After developing a foundation in fitness and basic movements of calisthenics, our ninjas start to become more comfortable with their abilities and become ready to tackle greater physical and mental challenges. With repetitive and rigorous training, and consistent hard work our ninjas build resilience, determination and character all at once. We pride ourselves on developing an unbreakable spirit!

At The PAC, we recognize the importance of teaching children to exercise and develop lifetime healthy habits. We want them to be the best they can be. With technology being so prevalent in day to day life, the emphasis of living a healthy lifestyle is even more vital.


  • A fun training program for children with or without a background in athletics

  • An opportunity to encounter obstacles that lead to children having a sense of accomplishment and a better sense of self worth.

  • Students are provided with opportunities to pick themselves back up after they fall, which develops a resilient, determined, and a goal oriented individual.

  • The style of obstacle course used in training helps to strengthen the student’s muscular and cardiovascular fitness through fun and engaging obstacles and tasks.

  • The students are put in charge of their critical thinking skills as they discover how to move through obstacles.

  • By using a level system based on achievement, athletes are not held back based on their age but are recognized for the skills they can demonstrate. Only through perseverance and growth of character can students make their way through Warrior Levels, a lesson that will help guide them through their entire lives.

Ninja Athletic Warrior
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