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This program is built to provide kids with an exciting, jam packed alternative activity that is out of the norm and just what they need! A WOW-factor that will keep them coming back for more! Our program challenges ninjas to go beyond their own expectations, getting stronger, more flexible, and more agile using our fun style of obstacle course training. 

Ninja Athletic Warrior
Ninja Athletic Warrior

AGES 3-5

Perfect for Preschoolers! This program is an entry level class that includes rolling, swinging, jumping, balancing and a plethora of locomotive and coordination skills. While learning all these cool ninja moves, our main goal is geared to child development, using positive reinforcement to aid in life skills like taking turns, thinking, and sharing. Of course the most fun part is getting their Level-Up band!

AGES 6-12

This program is an entry level class designed to focus on all the aspects of being a Ninja Warrior. Our Ninja Athletes will ring swing, jump, balance, warped wall-run, cliff hanger-grip, and flip across the gym. We coach our Ninja Athletes through challenges big and small so they can achieve success. Each athlete develops and progresses at their own pace.The potential to excel is limitless because of our Level-Up Reward Band system.

Ninja Athletic Warrior
Ninja Athletic Warrior


This is the “Next Level” ninja class. Ninjas in this level are challenged with more difficult obstacle challenges and strength goals. Students are able to focus on transitions between varying appartuses and set specific completion goals. Our Ninja Athletes start to learn more advanced flipping, swinging, vaulting, and gripping skills using ropes, cliff hangers, vaults, and bars. It's a challenging class and the kids have a Blast!

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