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Alexis Valvis


Gymnastics Program Director and Head Coach

Alexis is the head coach at The PAC, where she coaches kids of all ages. She has an Associates degree from Nassau Community College, a Biology degree from Binghamton University and a Masters degree in Exercise Physiology from Queens College.


For the past 12 years Alexis has played an important role at The PAC. She teaches all levels of gymnastics from toddlers to teens. She began and developed four advanced programs and as the head coach of the USAIGC competition team they have been very successful in evolving strong and motivated young athletes. Her teams have progressed to State, Regional, and World Championships.


Alexis is an all around athlete. She did gymnastics for 16 years and competed for 10 years before switching to Volleyball where she played competitively for NCC and Binghamton University on their club teams. She has traveled to over 10 countries and loves summer!

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