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Progressive Gymnastics USAIGC Competitive Program is all about a positive competitive experiences for our gymnasts and their families. Our program centers on a healthy competitive environment that produces healthy, happy well-rounded gymnasts ready for tomorrow’s’ world. Progressive Gymnastics Coaches and Club Owner Wendy Cassell will foster this positive training environment with our gymnasts’ best interest in mind.

Our USAIGC Association believes in realistic training hours. Progressive Gymnastics competitive program provides our gymnasts with ample time for school responsibilities, family activities and time to maintain an outside life with friends while training for competition.

Gymnasts are required to practice two times per week in order to meet the required training hours. If by any chance they are unable to come for the two days, they will be placed in our Advanced Gymnastics Class that will be one day per week. Advanced gymnasts will get the same training as the Competitive gymnasts but will not be eligible for competition.

Life is about experiences and the USAIGC provides a positive competitive experience for all gymnasts.

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