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  • How can I sign up to try a class?

    Call in to the gym to schedule a trial. (516) 775-5545. We will put you in during a class that has availability for enrollment.

  • What does my athlete have to wear?

    All Ninja Athletes must wear the club uniform which includes our Ninja Club T-shirt, ninja shoes, a band, and their level band.

  • Can I do a make-up if I miss a class?

    If you missed a class… no worries! Call us and we can put you in a make-up class that has availability. If a class is at max capacity we can only add 1 make-up in per full class.

  • How will I know if my athlete is close to moving to the next level?

    See your coach and he/she can show you their progress chart so you can see what skills your ninja has com- pleted and what still needs to be accomplished.

  • I have a groups of friends, can I start my own class?

    We can put together a class for you at a time that does not con ict with an already scheduled class. We would need a minimum of 5 kids to start the class. The class is open to other parties that wish to enroll for that class time.

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